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Candle Safety and How to Properly Burn One

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Candles are stunning, they are romantic, they ignite the senses, and they create a beautiful glow. But, did you know there is a “right way” to burn a candle? Candle safety is all about ensuring your candle experience is always positive and you receive the best aromas from your candle with minimal to no soot build-up or smoke.

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Shea Woods Co. has spent countless hours conducting burn tests on our candles.  A burn test is simply a comparison test of multiple candles with different wicks to uncover which wick is appropriate for the size of the container, the fragrance, and the wax we use. We look for the right flame height, the flicker, the burn pool of the wax, and the speed at which the candle melts. 

We want to ensure that we are giving our customers the cleanest and longest burn possible with our candles. After you purchase our scent experiences, we like to make sure that you are properly educated on how to burn our candles safely. Below, we have your candle burning warnings and the instructions to burn a candle properly.  


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  • Do not leave a room that contains a burning candle:  This is pure safety and  allows you to immediately jump into action in the event something goes wrong in the burning process
  • Keep away from drafts, curtains and other flammable products: Lessen the risk of fire by keeping the flame away from drafts, or products that could trigger a fire. 
  • Keep away from children: Never leave a lit candle alone with children. This is for the safety of your children, to keep them from getting burned by either the flame or the melted wax. 
  • Always burn candle on a stable surface: The last thing that anyone wants is an animal knocking into an unstable table and knocking the lit candle to the floor. 


What is the proper way to burn?

  • Remove candle from all packaging materials.
  • The first burn is the most important: So serious here!!! Let’s set you up for success each time you burn this candle. A “memory ring” is set the first time you burn your candle.  Yep, a candle has a memory!  If a candle is not lit long enough for the first burn, the candle will not be able to burn past the “memory ring”, which will create a tunnel and waste of precious wax. The first burn should last 1 hour per inch of the diameter of the candle, for example: a 3’ diameter should burn a minimum of 3 hours to create a full burn pool.
  • Burn time: Do not burn for longer than 4 hours, this can cause the wick to mushroom which will create more soot and a taller more unstable flame when burning in the future. Carbon 
  • Store properly: Store in a cool, dry, and dark place. Place lids back on to prevent dust and debris! 

Remember to always burn candles safely and with common sense! Practice the proper way to burn a candle to continue experiencing the magnificent scents and glow that Shea Woods Co. candles provide!

Happy smells!

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