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Hand Sanitizers are Now Available!

Hand Sanitizer by Shea Woods Co. safe and effective, kills germs, Michigan product

Hello dear friends!

Shea Woods Co. was honored by the requests for us to sell our favorite hand sanitizers.

We are living in unprecedented times, confusing times; times that we most likely never saw coming in 2020! It has been so humbling to see so many small businesses coming together to help deliver essential goods and services to our very loyal customers. We are seeing masks, cleaning products, face shields and more! It is exceptional to see a country gather together to meet the demand.

Our customers were asking for more and we knew that we had to deliver. Enter our hand sanitizer! We have been making this for our own families for years and after many requests to actually sell it, we finally are! 

You can rest assured that our products are safe and professionally made. We are not just candlemakers but also have 10 years experience formulating natural skincare. One of our founders holds an Advanced Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science.  Learn more about us here!

We are now offering our sanitizers in two different scents, our Quiet Canoe and Amber Falls! All of our scents are inspired by the natural world around us and memories that evoke emotions. Scents that take us back to a specific time & place. We have spent so much time enjoying the outdoors in the State of Michigan that each scent we have curated reminds us of our home state.


Our products follow the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for a minimum of 60% alcohol in sanitizers. Ours contain 62% alcohol, enough to tackle the germs and help avoid sickness but not too much that it dries out your precious skin!

Paired with our signature scents, we have created a hand sanitizer that will leave you feeling clean. Let the fresh and tranquil aroma of nature follow you on all of your adventures.


Shea Woods Co. is a small Michigan company that produces pure soy candles inspired by nature

Pure Soy Candle Nature Inspired Michigan Product

Shea Woods Co. is a small Michigan company that produces soy candles inspired by nature and the beautiful surroundings of our Great Lakes State.  We use 100% pure soy wax, zinc-free lead-free cotton wicks, for a pure clean burn. We only use phthalate-free, paraben-free, & cruelty-free, fragrance + essential oils.  All of our candle vessels are reusable & recyclable.