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About Us


Shea Woods Co. is a small Michigan company that produces soy candles inspired by nature and the beautiful surroundings of our Great Lakes State.  We use 100% pure soy wax, zinc-free lead-free cotton wicks, for a pure clean burn. We only use phthalate-free, paraben-free, & cruelty-free, fragrance + essential oils.  All of our candle vessels are reusable & recyclable.  

Amber Falls Luxury Soy Candle

Who we are:

 Shea Woods Co. was founded by Sam Shea & Andi Shea and inspired by the rural woods that surround each of our homes in Oxford, Michigan, and the adventures taken in our lives. We are both moms raising families in northern Oakland County, Michigan. We spend as much time outdoors as we can so that our kids can grow up experiencing & appreciating the beauty of the outdoors. 

Growing up, we were immersed in nature by our families. Our deep love of being in the great outdoors stems from how we were raised and our candles help tell that story.

Our Scents Evoke Memories

Our four signature scents are from some of our favorite memories growing up here in Michigan and we couldn't wait to share them with the world and take you on our journey!

We live for a great campfire, amazing company, guitars, and sips of bourbon. Our Campfire on the Rocks scent takes us back to each of those memories, times that we hold dear and can't wait for the next.

Backcountry Pine, one of our favorite signature scents, is one of the best captivating scents of Michigan. Being within the pines, the smell of the needles, stickiness of the sap. As soon as you smell it, it is bound to recall a memory and put a smile on your face!

Quiet Canoe represents one of our favorite Michigan pastimes. Grab a canoe and float down the river, marvel at the landscape carved by the water as you're overcome by peace & solitude! This is Michigan!

Amber Falls places us at the beautiful Tahquamenon Falls in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Gorgeous amber waters cascade down the falls, providing sights and scents that are truly captivating.  

More amazing scents to come!!!!

We love to explore the wilderness of Michigan and want to share our scent journeys with you while keeping it non-toxic & sustainable!

Our company donates 10% of all profits to Michigan conservation & wildlife charities.

Michigan Pure Soy Candles