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Campfire on the Rocks Room & Linen Spray

Campfire on the Rocks Room & Linen Spray

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Freshen & enhance ambiance with the scents of nature!

Shea Woods Co. Room & Linen Spray is made with only safe & sustainable ingredients.  Just like our candles, they are inspired by nature and the beautiful surroundings of our Great Lakes State.  Simply mist the air and linens anytime and anywhere you need a little freshen up!

P.S. works GREAT in the car too!

Comes in a generous 8 ounce glass bottle with easy to use trigger sprayer.

Campfire on the Rocks

You’re finally Up North, in your happy place ready to unwind. You might be on the shores of Lake Michigan, Burt Lake, or Higgins Lake; or maybe nestled off somewhere in the woods.  The campfire is roaring as you’re surrounded by family & friends. Most of the little ones have gone to bed after their s’ mores and campfire stories. Now, in the darkness of night, the faces aglow around the fire with a backdrop of dark pines lit with the dancing light of the fire. Your uncle, or brother, or friend, brings out a bottle of some brown liquor with a story of how it was meticulously aged and how it is some special edition that is hard to find. You are not a connoisseur by any means, but in this moment you feel like you are and can truly appreciate every moment and every sip.

 Scents Notes  Smoky, Campfire, Cigars
Top Bergamot, Orange
Middle Leather, Whiskey
Base Clove, Tobacco, Oakmoss


Shea Woods Co. room & linen are made with:

  • cotton braided, zinc-free, clean-burning, wicks
  • phthalate-free, paraben-free, & cruelty-free, fragrance + essential oils
  • recyclable & reusable vessels  
  • no dyes ever